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 [GM]Sora ForumMOD APP

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PostSubject: [GM]Sora ForumMOD APP   [GM]Sora ForumMOD APP Icon_minitimeTue Apr 06, 2010 11:30 am

Hey there , it's me , Sora . && I'm here to submit an application C:
Er .. I don't expect you to accept me as I'm already a GM and yea .
I understand if I wont be accepted because other people might want to get a chance to contribute to the server .
&& well , yea .

Full Name:Syazwan Salem ;D

Ign: [GM]Sora

How long would you be online on the forums on weekdays?:I would be online for around at least 5-7 hours ? When I'm online in Ryuku , I will online in the forums . Meaning to say that i minimize Maple &&. Double tasking ;D

How long would you be online on the forums on Weekends?:I would be online from 12-15 hours C:

Have you ever been a ForumMOD Before?[If yes,For what site?]:InvisionMS

TimeZone: +8.00 GMT Singapore

Do you speak any other languages fluently other than english?[If yes, Please post them]:Korean Malay Chinese

What would you do if you found a user advertising they're server on our forums?: Well , if I see a user advertising their server's on our forum , I will give them warning ? if they repeat again .. I'm gonna make his/her life miserable ... LOL ! Joking . && Of Course , I'm gonna erase/delete whatever the person post . If they repeat again&again .. Gonna BAN the person and report to the owner of the Private Server . Hmmm. Well , yea , this is it ;D Hope eiiu lyk it .

Msn/AIM/Yahoo[MSN is preferable]: MSN : iihavefateinyoux3@hotmail.com

&&. PlusPlusPlus , I once wanted to make a forum , but then failed ..
I have the urge to like , i mean post things up like tutorials , Videos EtcEtc .
&&, I love to keep the Forum clean .. For Example is like .When the post is not in use ,
I'm Gonna delete delete delete delete delete , YEA !! DELETEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE those post off.

Well , Farewell ;D
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[Forum Mod]
[Forum Mod]

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[GM]Sora ForumMOD APP Empty
PostSubject: Re: [GM]Sora ForumMOD APP   [GM]Sora ForumMOD APP Icon_minitimeTue Apr 06, 2010 3:51 pm

Lol jokinggg
hmm I dont think we need another Forum Mod
Do we Eddie?
By the way nice appl and good luck
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[GM]Sora ForumMOD APP
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