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PostSubject: Support the community   Support the community Icon_minitimeMon Apr 05, 2010 4:05 pm

Hey everyone.
Do you guys enjoy the community?
Do you guys like the server?
Do you guys like all the custom items and mounts?
Well I am sure you guys do, our job is to offer you a fun and interactive way to experience the best Maple Story Private Server of the world.
Our vision:
We hope to create and establish a strong and respected community where all players can interact, have fun and have a great time.
Our mission:
We work hard everyday to accomplish our vision. The purpose of this server is to offer the players a HUGE amount of fun and everyday we work hard to improve for the better. WE, the Owner, Admins, Co-Owners, Game Masters and Interns are here to serve you and help you on your needs. We hope you guys have a great time around and hope you guys enjoy your stay.
Our request:
As a matter of fact we do want something back, we do not want your money or something like it. All we want is your support and appreciation towards the community, remember that when you join, you become part of this family and we will be so thankful for any help posible.
How can you help us?
Easy, all we want from you guys is to:
- Support the server
- If you enjoy this server, please do not hack or do something illegal. After all if you do care about this family you wouldn't do that
- Invite your friends to join this family
- Appreciate what all the staff members have done
- Respect each other and create a peaceful environment
- VOTE and help the server be on top
- And of course, HAVE FUN

Voting Sites:


And finally we would like to thank you for being such a wonderful player and thank you guys for supporting us.
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Support the community
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