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 TheSin's New GM App

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PostSubject: TheSin's New GM App   TheSin's New GM App Icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 10:37 am

This is my own format if you would allow it.

Name:Tom Eshed


Age:12.5 (I know I'm young but I'm good Very Happy)

Time Zone: GMT +2

Experience with being a GM: I've only been a GM in one server, LollipopMS (Closed).

Ways to contact you: I'll give you my msn in private.

1. What will you do if someone reported a "hacker" to you?
I will go to hide mode and warp to the hacker's location. than I'll see if he is hacking, If hes hacking I will Jail him BECAUSE I believe in second chances (the terms and conditions strictly says NO SECOND CHANCES so I wont be giving any in this server) if he continues I'll ban him.

2. What will you do if someone was stuck ingame and you cant d/c him/her and owner is not around?
I will Restart the server if the server has that option, if it dosent I'll ask him to wait for the owner.

3. How you handle it if someone was spamming smega and saying indecent things about/anything the server?
I will track him down, Talk to him, If he continues i'll Jail him, If it gets worse I'll Ban him.

4. Do you think you are capable of becoming a good gm(ex:duties) and will not abuse your powers?
I think I'm capable of becoming a good GM because I care about the People in the server. I will not abuse my powers for personal favors, I will help anyone's problems and will do what the main gm/owner tells me to do.

5. Why do you want to become a GM?
I want to become a gm because I think I can help the server, And with any kind of problems, and I will host events if asked.

6. Will you be active and how long will you be on daily?
Weekdays: 4-6 Hours.
Weekends: 24/7 Smile
7. Are you familier with GM commands?
Yes I'm very experienced with the commands.
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TheSin's New GM App
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