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 Joshua's GM Application

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Joshua's GM Application Empty
PostSubject: Joshua's GM Application   Joshua's GM Application Icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 12:34 am

Real Full Name:Joshua Michael Vu



Have you been a GM Before? (If yes , Where?):Yes i have been a GM on maplestory. I even owned my own Private server. It was called Hype Ms

Are you familiar with v.62 Commands?:Yes i am.

What time zone:GMT-8:00

How long can you be on, on weekdays:4-8 hours

How long can you be on , on Weekends:24/7

What would you do if a player started to rant(Talk shit) to you?: I really dont care. Not unless they make another player uncomfortable. That is when i would step in.

Why do you think you should be a GM?(Optional):I am active and very friendly. I will do my job. I can get people to join and vote. If someone is hacking I would ban them. Also if there is any bugs or glitches I would do research on how to fix it, If i cant find out how i would report it to other GMs.
Msn/Yahoo/Aim/(MSN is Better):what.hype@live.com, It's my MSN =D

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Joshua's GM Application
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