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 Daniel's GM Application

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Daniel's GM Application Empty
PostSubject: Daniel's GM Application   Daniel's GM Application Icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 5:30 pm

Real Full Name: My full name is Daniel Huynh.

Age: I am currently at the age of 12.

My In Game Name Is Daniel

Have you been a GM Before? (If yes , Where?): Yes, I have been a GM numerous numbers of times,
for example, in VengeanceMS(Closed),DynastyMS(Recently Closed),LifeStory(Closed),EmOStoryv82(Still online),GawdzMS(Closed),EricMS(Still Online).)

Are you familiar with v.62 Commands?:Yes I am quite familiar with them. I have a GM Handbook just in case. Some of my favorites are !kill [person's name], !clock (seconds), and etc etc.

What time zone: PST ,Pacific TZ ,California Time Zone.

How long can you be on , on weekdays:I can be online 1 hour(s) minimum.

How long can you be on , on Weekends:I can be online up to 4 hours.

What would you do if a player started to rant(Talk shit) to you?: Firstly, I would kindly give them a warning for their first time obviously, 2nd deserves a 30 min jailing, and lastly if he puts up with all of the nonsense, he shall suffer a ban/if okay with Eddie.

Why do you think you should be a GM?(Optional): I think I should really become a GM to support this server,
maybe by making it grow in any shape or form. Well, sometimes I may be hyperactive/joyful, but I think the players might like that ;D.

Msn/Yahoo/Aim/(MSN is Better): You already have my MSN Eddie. Very Happy
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Daniel's GM Application
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